Self-attenuated prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines against microbial pathogens such as influenza viruses.

Technology #d-1508

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Technology Summary
Typically live-attenuated viruses alter the viral genome by deletions or mutations that render the virus inert. This is a live-attenuated vaccine for influenza that incorporates microRNA's into the viral genome to attenuate viral replication. This is shown to be beneficial for several reasons including: a robust immune response, another layer of control to attenuate the virus, efficacy as a therapeutic as well as a vaccine, and cross-strain protection.
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Market Applications
Features, Benefits and Advantages
-potent immune response
-shown to work as a therapeutic as well as a vaccine
-self-attenuated, lower risk than a tradition LAV
-applications against other pathogens and strains
Intellectual Property
A U.S. Provisional patent application was filed on 4/20/18, serial number 62660327.
Development Stage
Testing in murine model
Dr. Mingtao Zeng, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Center of Emphasis in Infectious Diseases, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso
vaccine, therapeutic, influenza, microRNA, live attenuated vaccine