Improved Ankle Fusion Nail

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Technology Summary
In orthopedic surgery, nails are frequently used to fuse joints.  In orthopedic ankle surgery, there is no nail currently available with the ability to fuse the ankle joint without also fusing the subtalar joint.  This results in substantial arch pain for the patient as well as decreased mobility and impaired gait.  This technology provides a new type of nail design that can fuse ankle joints without also fusing the subtalar joint while also aiding in compression and stability with strategically placed locking screws.  It represents a significant improvement in this type of surgery.  A provisional patent was filed last year on the latest model, one that has incorporated improvements from earlier generations based on information learned in multiple cadaveric studies.
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Surgical Interventions
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Features, Benefits and Advantages
Reduced lateral margin foot pain
No subtalar joint fusion
No inhibition of ankle dorsiflexion
Locking screws increase compression
Intellectual Property
A U.S. Provisional patent application was filed on 3/9/18. Serial No. 62640604
Development Stage
Prototyped and tested in multiple cadaveric studies. Improvement were made from the first model based on the information learned.
Amr Abdelgawad , Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation,  Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, El Paso, TX.
 tibiotalar fusion, ankle fusion, orthopedics, ttc nail, screws