Three Dimensional Kinetic Generator

Technology #d-1321

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Marc Ordonez
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas
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Cameron Smith
Licensing Associate 806-834-6822
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Provisional Patent Application Filed

In today's society, almost everyone always has a mobile phone or electronic device on him or her. These devices have become central to people's everyday lives as they are used both socially and professionally. One of the main issues with these portable devices is they are known to quickly run out of energy or battery life. This can become a nuisance, as recharging mobile/portable devices typically requires users to go out of their way to find a power source. Current methods of charging mobile/portable devices are not typically mobile friendly. The most common source of energy is a wall outlet that provides electricity to power devices, however, these are importable, and require the devices's user to stay in one location until the device is charged. Another method is a portable power pack that can typically store one full battery life of energy for a mobile phone, but while these are portable, they too must be charged with a wall outlet.  

This technology has the capability to charge mobile/portable devices on the go and as many times as needed because it generates electrical energy from motion. Therefore, a user could just carry the disclosed technology and the motion of walking would charge their mobile/portable device. It is extremely convenient, as there is no need for the user to perform any task they would not otherwise do.  

Reference Number: D-1321 

Market Applications: 

  • Small electronics
  • Mobile phones 

Features, Benefits, & Advantages:

  • Portable
  • Does not need to be charged, generates energy kinetically
  • Easy to use without major equipment
  • No action needed outside of normal daily activities 

Intellectual Property: A US provisional patent, serial number 62/398,048, was filed on 9/22/16. 

Development Stage: A prototype of this technology has been developed.  


  • Mark Ordonez, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

Keywords: kinetic energy, charging, battery, portable, gravity, personal, three dimensional, gyroscope