Detection of Front-Induced Impending Ramps in Wind Farm Power Production

Technology #d-1299

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Miao He
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX
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Cameron Smith
Licensing Associate 806-834-6822
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Provisional Patent Application Filed

Wind energy is emerging as one of the strongest contenders for the position of the fastest growing form of renewable energy today. However, there are many operational obstacles that must be overcome to effectively produce energy from the wind. One of the greatest operational obstacles facing wind energy production is the wind ramp phenomenon. This is the sudden and significant change in the power output of a wind farm. A wind power generation system generally includes a wind farm with wind turbine generators that supply power to a utility grid. Power output and power production of the wind farm is significantly influenced by wind conditions that could be caused by wind power ramps. 

This technology proposes a method that can predict the timing and magnitude of impending wind power ramps at a wind farm which will prepare wind farm producers to put into place appropriate control actions to mitigate the impact of the wind power ramp. This will effectively improve the accuracy and performance of wind power ramp forecasting and reduce wind integration costs. 

Reference Number: D-1299 

Market Applications: 

  • Electric power systems
  • Energy industry 

Features, Benefits, & Advantages:

  • Ability to detect impending wind power ramps
  • Improves reliability of power generation
  • Reduced operational costs 

Intellectual Property: A provisional application, serial number 62/398,362, was filed on September 22, 2016. 

Development Stage: The technology has been produced and tested. 


  • Miao He, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 

Keywords: wind farm ramp detection, wind, farm, ramp, detection, magnitude