A Method to Introduce Salmonella into Ground Meat and Poultry for Testing Mitigation Efforts

Technology #d-1121

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Katelyn S. Malin
Department of Animal Food Sciences, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX
Thomas S. Edrington
Guy Loneragan
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Provisional Patent Application Filed 62/216,565


Illnesses related to foodborne pathogens pose a considerable economic strain on the United States annually.  Among them, Salmonella enterica is responsible an estimated 1 million yearly cases of foodborne illness. Research has shown that the transfer of Salmonella from the initial animal to consumer meats occurs primarily when peripheral lymph nodes harboring Salmonella are ground into harvested meats at slaughter houses.

The disclosed technology utilizes a previously filed technology (US 20140248605 A1) as part of its method to consistently and routinely introduce Salmonella into ground meats and poultry for the purpose of testing methods to mitigate Salmonella contamination in ground meat and poultry.  The disclosed technology builds upon the inventor’s patent listed above by describing a model for accurately producing ground meats and poultry that contain Salmonella in amounts and distributions similar to those found in the marketplace.

Reference Number: D-1121

Market Applications:

  • Food/meat industry
  • Agriculture/animal science
  • Food safety

Features, Benefits & Advantages:

  • Provides a method to measure point-of-contamination of Salmonella in ground meat and poultry
  • May aid in the development and testing of interventions to mitigate Salmonella contaminations in ground meat and poultry

Intellectual Property:

  • A provisional application was filed on September 10th, 2015, application number 62216565.

Development Stage:

  • This technology has been produced and tested, and the development is on-going to improve the concentration and recovery of Salmonella.


  • Katelyn S. Malin, Department of Animal Food Sciences, Texas Tech University,  Lubbock, TX
  • Thomas S. Edrington, USDA Agricultural Research Service, College Station, TX
  • Guy Loneragan, Department of Animal Food Sciences, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

Keywords: Salmonella, transdermal, ground meat, poultry