New live attenuated viral vaccine created by self-attenuation with species-specific artificial microRNA

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Mengtao Zeng, Ph.D.
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Junwei Li, Ph.D.
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David McClure
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Provisional Patent Application Filed
Generation of a safe and effective live viral vaccine by virus self-attenuation using species-specific artificial microRNA
J Control Release, June 10, 2015

The technology proposes a solution to the potential risks of the current Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccines (LAIV) by proposing a new mammalian-specific LAIV. This was done through the creation of a genetically-engineered influenza virus, that produces an immune response only in mammals.  This attenuated vaccine produces mature and functional artificial microRNA.  The miRNA specifically targets and successfully silences the influenza NP gene. This potent immune response has also been experimentally shown to provide heterologous protection, or cross-protection, for other strains of the influenza virus.
Market Applications:

  • Influenza Vaccinations
  • This technology can also be applied to other vaccines (i.e. HIV, Herpes Simplex Virus, Ebola, Hantaviruses )

Features, Benefits & Advantages:  

  • Non-invasive nasal immunization
  • Induces broad innate and adaptive immune response
  • Does not require booster
  • May potentially get rid of the required annual reformulation of the vaccine
  • Will require a lower viral titer, thus reducing the cost of production

Development Stage:
Preliminary experimental data (both in vitro and in vivo) has provided proof of concept for the proposed vaccine.