Use of Proteins to Treat High Blood Pressure

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Dr. Kumuda Das
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Provisional Patent Application Filed 62/020,146

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A natural protein has been discovered that is effective in controlling blood pressure.  Overexpression of the protein was found to  lower blood pressure and inhibit the induction of angiotensin II mediated hypertension in mice.  Further study showed that the  mice, while treated with angiotensin II, had significantly higher relaxation of the mesenteric arteries Thus, this natural protein or its derivatives could be used to control hypertension and pulmonary hypertension.  The protein may provide a safer and healthier therapeutic with fewer side effects than existing drugs for hypertension.

Market Applications:

The technology can be applied for the following markets: hypertension therapeutics, pulmonary hypertension

therapeutics, and possibly other redox dependent diseases.

Features, Benefits, & Advantages:

There are several distinct advantages of this protein over traditional hypertension therapies.  First, the drug is a naturally occurring human protein, which means there should be fewer adverse side effects.  Secondly, the protein has antioxidant properties that may have additional health benefits. Finally, the therapeutic could be taken every 3-6 months as an injection rather than daily as a pill. 

• Naturally occurring human protein

• Low immunogenicity

• Antioxidant effects

Development Stage:

The technology is part of active and ongoing research program.