Use of Lactic Acid and other Probiotic Bacteria to Reduce Pathogens in Lymph Nodes and other tissues of Livestock

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A specific strain of Lactobacilli, NP51 combined with a Propionibacterium, PF24 may be added to cattle feed to improve animal performance and treat E. coli O157.  The invention has also been shown to reduce the presence of Salmonella in the lymph nodes of cattle at harvest.  Additionally, this product may also be used in dairy cattle and swine to reduce the presence of Salmonella in the lymph nodes and other lymphatic tissues.

Market Applications:

This technology is of interest to the food technology and food safety industries.  As long as risks to food safety exist, efficient treatment methods will be in demand.  This technology provides an efficient and robust way to reduce the prevalence of Salmonella in lymph nodes.

Features, Benefits, & Advantages:

• Effective reduction of Salmonella in lymph nodes

• Effective prior to harvest of cattle

Development Stage:

This technology has been produced and tested.  The research program is active and ongoing.