Method to Infect Peripheral Lymph Nodes with Salmonella in Cattle to Evaluate Vaccination Strategies

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Various Salmonella strains are common food born microbes that cause disease in humans and animals. Some strains can cause intestinal infections, while others cause typhoid fever. Because of the large variety of Salmonella strains present and the different pathogenic effects of these strains, it is important to develop methods capable of observing salmonella within the lymph nodes of cattle and other food sources. This technology can accurately model the duration of a Salmonella infection in the lymph nodes and evaluate potential intervention strategies to reduce the duration of an infection.

Market Applications:

The technology would be of interest to the food technology and food safety industries.  As long as risks to food safety exist, efficient diagnostic methods will be in demand.  This technology provides an efficient and robust approach to identifying and differentiating Salmonella serotypes that can cause intestinal infections and typhoid fever when consumed.

Features, Benefits, & Advantages:

• Reliable and consistent results in infections of peripheral lymph nodes in cattle

• Accurate model created to monitor the duration of infection within the lymph nodes

Development Stage:

This technology has been produced and tested.  Research program is active and ongoing.