Detection and Quantification Method for Lactobacillus using Molecular Techniques

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A method to both detect and quantify NP51 in animal feeds, foods and fecal samples as well as other environmental samples has been developed.  The protocol combines traditional culture methods with molecular methods to detect a very specific strain of industrial importance to the food and feed industries.  Additionally the use of a unique primer to specifically detect NP51 allows for the first method to both detect and quantify NP51 in feed, food and environmental samples.

Market Applications:

• Food and feed industries

Features, Benefits & Advantages:

To date there has not been a method that can detect or quantify the presence of Lactobacillus NP51 in food or feed samples due to the high degree of background flora.  This method allows detection in many matrices and will allow companies to verify product stability and use.

Development Stage:

The technology has been developed, reduced to practice, and field tested.