Computational Tool for Simulation and Design of Discrete Droplet Microfluidic Systems

Technology #d-0915

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Raghunathan Rengasamy, Ph.D.
Dr. Rengasamy's research interests include fuel cell technology, energy systems, systems biology, multi-scale modeling and optimization, and controller performance assessment and process fault diagnostics
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Jeevan Maddala
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Patent Protection

PCT Patent Application PCT/US14/46266

Discrete droplet microfluidic systems are a rapidly expanding technology with applications in many scientific and engineering endeavors that require biochemical analysis.  Success in this area depends on developing engineering devices that have precise and multiple functionalities, such as spatial and temporal control of the droplets.  This technology is a computerized method for designing discrete droplet microfluidic systems for the simulation and design of these complex microfluidic networks.  This design tool provides a modeling platform using nodal analysis and a generic algorithm to design large scale droplet microfluidic systems more quickly than is provided by the current trial and error process.   

Reference Number:  D-0915

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides a computerized method for designing a discrete droplet microfluidic system
  • Provides a non-transitory computer readable medium encoded with a program for designing the system
  • Provides an apparatus for designing a system that includes one or more processors, a memory, and an output device
  • Accelerates the design discovery process for discrete droplet microfluidic devices

Market Applications:

  • Bio-chemical analysis
  • Drug Discovery
  • Lab-on-Chip Technologies