New Guar Gum For Increased Oil Production.

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Dr. Ellen Peffley
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US Patent US7550412

Guar is grown to produce gum that is used in the oil and gas industry for various well treatment procedures to increase production of oil and gas from a well.  A variety of guar developed at Texas Tech University has significantly higher seed yield than other variety and a higher gum content when compared to commercial cultivars currently grown in West Texas.  Guar is drought resistant and grows well in dry conditions. 

Market Applications:

  • Oil & Gas Industry

Features, Benefits & Advantages:         

  • Offers a significant advantage in seed yield
  • Variety has higher total gum production per acre compared to other commercial cultivars
  • Guar is more economical extraction agent than gums derived from the carob tree, honey locust, or the flame tree. 

Development Stage:

This variety has been produced, and tested for efficacy.