Dr. Himanshu Garg

Dr. Garg's long standing interest has been in studying the role of HIV Env glycoprotein and more specifically the fusogenic activity of the Env glycoprotein and how it determines HIV pathogenesis. He previously demonstrated that hemifusion mediated by HIV gp41 is a prime mediator of bystander apoptosis and that some gp41 mutations that are seen in HIV infected patients undergoing Enfuvirtide therapy are attenuated for bystander apoptosis. Dr. Garg demonstrated in studies with Humanized mice and a fusion defective gp41 mutant that bystander apoptosis induction in the humanized mouse model is dependent on gp41 function. Dr. Garg also showed that the phenomenon of bystander apoptosis is dependent on CCR5 expression level as well as gp41 fusion. His studies provide the first experimental evidence for the reason why CCR5Δ32 individuals progress slowly to AIDS.

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